Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What do we offer your Tenants!?

What does Freedom Property Management offer to your Tenants?

Freedom Property Management offers not only owners exceptional service, but also their tenants! We offer your tenants  peace of mind and great customer service.

These services included:
- Personable Property Manager that is experienced with the needs of your tenant
- 24/7 hour hotline for maintenance and emergencies
- Excellent Customer Service answering any questions your tenant may have (this includes knowledge about association rules and regulations, parking permits, maintenance, and more)
- Online Tenant Reports and Tenant Portal ( detailed reports, receipts ,maintenance, and paying online )
- Pay with Cash electronically ( while your tenant may have cash, they can request a barcode from us and take it to any nearby 7eleven and get their rent paid)
- What do you do if you have a leak? Leaks are very important that they are handled in a timely manner so that the situation  does not increase causing a whole new array of problems. From a slab leak to a pinhole leak we are equipped to handle all situations.  This puts your tenants mind at ease knowing that their home is being care for. We provide getting prompt contractors that specialize in the specific situation at your home to resolve the problem. At times, even renovation ( this can include flooring, cabinetry, drywall and paint)

Here at Freedom Property Management you, your tenant and your home are in safe hands!


  1. Mel and his associates are the best. They are informed of everything with friendly courteous service. I have known Mel now for 25 years. (Where did those years go Mel?) It is called life. God Bless
    James Gilbertson